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(Flamingo Diamond #2)
by Marc Pearson

Ray visits Nora at her house. HHH gets carried away and then caught up in Arturo Hasquantle's investigation into the missing Flamingo Diamond.

56p riso printed, perfect bound comic.
18cm (wide) x 24cm (tall)
4 colour exterior cover (black, mint, fluro pink, yellow)
1 colour interior cover (mint) 
actual comic is 56 pages printed in 1 colour (blue).
1st Edition of 200 printed Feb 2018. 
2nd Edition of 300 printed Dec 2018.

thnks to rachel ang for some of the photos on this product page. 

Flamingo Diamond #1 (Raymond Ray & The Flamingo Diamond) is sold out and won't be reprinted. Read #1 via PDF here:

'THE CLAW: THE TERRIBLE, BEAUTIFUL CLAW' (Flamingo Diamond #2) by Marc Pearson

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