We're currently in the process of commencing our next project as a publisher, and so aren't taking on jobs for hire until roughly May 2021. 

If you're looking for a riso printer in Australia, We suggest you try:



Print With Us



Our standard paper stock is Envirocare offwhite Recycled in either 100 or 150gsm.


Any papers outside of those two add a little extra to the quote. 

Our printer only accepts uncoated stocks from 40gsm to 250gsm.


The max print dimensions are A3, and we can’t print A3 full bleed.

If you wanted to use a colour stock, we have a variety of options on hand, but we don't have a full list compiled.

If you let us know what colours you might like, we can see if we have any, or our go to for ordering colour stock is Ball & Doggett, who offer a range of uncoated colour papers in their Kaskad or Colourplan ranges (visible via their website).

Ordering special paper would have an effect on the quote also add just under a week to the printing schedule.