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44 pages, saddle-stitch, 20 x 28.5cm, black and red risograph


Pauline tries to clean up after beheading her zombified ex-lover Elizabeth 1st, but winds up in a conspiracy involving eel-infested royals, frozen swans and a sapphic vampire commune based in artist Leonor Fini’s Parisian apartment. 'Plasma Spring: Haloweel' is a standalone instalment in a series which also includes ‘Plasma Freeze: Salon at the Centre of the Earth’ (published by PrintRoom Rotterdam in 2021), ‘Plasma Freeze: Making Friends’ (self-published, 2020) and ‘Plasma Spring’ (self-published, 2019).


Also available from Good Press (UK). 


Josie and Daphne met in 2018 while studying together at the Piet Zwart Institute in Rotterdam, and are currently collaborating remotely between Scotland and New Zealand. Their work as a duo stems from a quick-fire script-writing process in which they fictionalise figures from art history and popular media, a form of surreal homage that is variously absurd, sincere, irreverent and camp. Within this fictional framework their work spans publications, colour pencil drawings, performance and multimedia installations. Recently they have exhibited as a duo at Stichting SIGN (Gröningen, NL), Het Archief (Rotterdam, NL) and Alta Art Space (Malmö, SE); shown video work at The Audio Foundation (Auckland, NZ) and online for WET Film, and presented a show on Radio Sloppy (Bruges, BE).

Plasma Spring: Halloweel by Josie Perry and Daphne Simons

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