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Glom Press is excited to present 'Check Points' - a new, comic art book from Michael Fikaris.

This abstract comic book of poetic musings and symbolic gestures by artist Michael Fikaris has been designed in a unique way with three chapters based on three studio locations the author has previously occupied across the city in their time as an artist and illustrator.

In these collected chapters, we pass through the practice of a desk bound narrator, catching glimpses of the blurred boundaries between work and life as a cartoonist, a mural painter, an experiential life drawer and a collective art studio tenant.

In striking colours and trippy transformational sequences, Check Points captures the pleasant absurdity of contemporary art-life passion and city culture, showing a unique, meditative and deep perspective, while expounding the self-imposed philosophical ways of this artist and their ongoing friendship with the city.

Listen to Michael Fikaris talk about his new book here with Bernard Caleo on the Readings Podcast:

100 pages. Perfect Bound. 18cm x 25.4cm.
Printed in 1-4 colour combinations of Mint, Sunflower, Aqua, Blue Metallic Gold & Black.

Limited edition of 300.

Supported by The City of Melbourne Arts Grants. 


Check Points by Michael Fikaris

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