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72 pages, Perfect Bound, 12.5cm x 17cm, 2 colour risgraph insides, 3 colour risograph cover.

Finally back in print for it's second print run. 


About Kugel Western


A lonesome cowgirl tormented by cattle-stealing UFOs. A mysterious alien abductee dropped back to earth in the middle of the desert. A sizzling romance hotter than a red rock in the sun... Inspired by the history of Jewish cowboys and cattle ranchers, this sci-fi Western is sure to make you blush!


"The lesbian imagination at full play; the burning bush lives again. Comics have always been a part of our subversive history and now we have one in that subversive language,Yiddish. Thank you for your reimaginings, Mira Schlosberg." 
- Joan Nestle


“Kugel Western is a lavish feast for the eyes and soul. Filled with queer longing, desire and Jewish symbology, including Yiddish sound effects, it is a worthy and wily follow-up to Schlosberg’s Guidebook to Queer Jewish Spirituality. What surprised me most is not her ability to reinvent genres as she invokes them, which she does; or the sheer sexiness of the illustrations: they are obviously hot as hell. What I am most impressed by is the sensitivity and authenticity of this work. Schlosberg has produced a truly touching lesbian romance in a few swift, inky strokes. Her figures connect with one another, sprawling delicate and exuberant as the imagination which produced them, across Kugel Western’s gripping pages.” 
- Eloise Grills 


Mira Schlosberg is a writer and comics artist obsessed with lesbianism, G-d, and nature. She is the author of Guidebook to Queer Jewish Spirituality (Glom Press, 2018) and has been published in Sinister Wisdom, Cosmonauts Avenue, Going Down Swinging, The Lifted Brow, and others.


Twitter: @miraschlosberg

Instagram: @homotaschen 


Kugel Western by Mira Schlosberg

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