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58 pages, Perfect Bound, 12.5cm x 17cm, 2 colour risograph insides, 2 colour risograph cover.


Hericot Island is the story of a scientist travelling to a remote island to conduct academic research and how the inhabitants of that island respond to her presence. Throughout her stay on the island the attitudes of the inhabitants start to affect her approach towards her work and eventually her rational, scientific view of the world as a whole.


“Hericot Island is the kind of comic book I love - it can be read from cover to cover or picked up and read in sections at a time. It is satisfying and thoroughly complex but with a calm simplicity that shows how much the artist enjoys their medium. Heers takes control of surreal illustrative beauty in this this new work and delivers a highly valuable addition to the ever growing force that is Australian comics.” 
- Michael Fikaris 


Merv Heers is a comic book artist born in the City of Ipswich in Queensland (currently residing in Melbourne). Merv is best known as the creator of a zine series titled No Brains as well as the comic book character Tahira and the fictional metropolis of Onion City.


Instagram: nobrainszine

Hericot Island by Merv Heers

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