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68 pages, Perfect Bound, 12.5cm x 17cm, 1 colour risograph insides, 2 colour risograph cover.


On Don't Care if You're Shepherding a Ghost: 


There’s sport, there’s a letter, there’s a pile of sentimental rocks. 


Someone wonders if it’s ok to work through feelings at the creek, and if you do, whether it’s better to put them in one place or spread them out a bit. 

Their friend will know.


They ask her, and she has a good answer. 


“This comic, like Edie herself, is easy to love. You'll want to spend time within these pages. This comic reminds us you don't have to look far from home to find the things you need to lead a good life, full of joy, enthusiasm, meaning and connection.” 

- Penni Russon


“In Edie’s work feelings heave irregular breaths, come into contact, collide shoulders and pull away, sprint the length of the oval and take some time off field to recover. They allow for the possibility of fragmentation without abstraction, and space without emptiness. This is a comic that is simultaneously steady, ‘holding it’, and trembling with buzzing pixelation.” 

- Abigail Fisher


Edie Bush is a drawer and comics writer from Murrurundi and Lismore NSW. They studied in Naarm on Wurundjeri Country and are now currently living in Tiohtià:ke (Montreal, Canada). A version of 'Don't Care If You're Shepherding a Ghost' was first drawn in 2019 as part of their Honours studies. They continue to draw, journal, and collaborate. 


Instagram: ede.bush


Don't Care if You're Shepherding a Ghost by Edie Bush

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