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advicecomics 1 was printed in 2015 in a run of 300 copies. only 200 were bound and trimmed at it's initial release and roughly 200 dust jackets were made. only more recently have we been able to bind the remaining 100 or so books. all dust jacket copies are sold out. there are two variant internal covers one is pink and one is purple - as of 20/03/17 there is only 1 left and it's one with a pink cover. xoxoxoxthnx. 

((people saying things about advicecomics 1:

the first print edition from the advicecomics project. 
an online cartoon advicecolumn where real questions are answered by cartoon columnists. advicecomics can be found at

114pg book, risoprinted at caldera press in melbourne + a two sided dustjacket/poster (tommi pg///michael hawkins) screenprinted by walker mettling in providence, rhode island.

new advice from BOYFRIEND (Michael Hawkins), SALLY (Tommi PG), MULBERT (written by Ada Connor, drawn by Carla McRae), NICKY MINUS (Nicky Minus), BABY W (Lee Lai), DR. ENTRAILS (Walker Mettling), IGNATZ LAB RAT (Ben Juers), MARY LEUNIG (Mary Leunig) & RAYMOND RAY (Marc Pearson)

and with drawings all through it by JR BLUE (Lashna Tuschewski)

video of the book can be found here:

photos courtesy of three thousand.


SKU: 0008
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