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Glom Press 2018 Collection

In November & December 2018, Glom Press published 6 new comics:

  • Galápagos by Mandy Ord

  • Sexy Female Murderesses by Eloise Grills

  • Mystical Boy Scout #4 by Aaron Billings

  • Swimsuit by Rachel Ang

  • My Big Life by Bailey Sharp

  • Psychic Hotline by Leonie Brialey

Glom Press aim to fill a gap in the Australian publishing industry in between minicomics and Graphic Novels and to provide opportunities for emerging and established creators to experiment and hone their craft.

This project was made possible in part because of a Pozible pre-sale campaign in October 2018 which exceeded it’s fundraising target in 4 days with a total of $7065 raised. 

Praise for the Glom Press 2018 Collection

A literary event launched in summer 2018/19 is Six New Comics by Melbourne publisher Glom Press. Printed on Risograph machines by meticulous publishers Michael Hawkins and Marc Pearson, both wonderful artists in their own right, these six graphic narratives have totally energised discussions of Australian comics throughout the year. Eloise Grills’ Sexy Female Murderesses is a rich and exacting literary essay, while Aaron Billings’ Mystical Boy Scout is kinetic, angry, bawdy storytelling. Mandy Ord’s Galápagos is an expressive memoir with strangeness in its depths, while Leonie Brialey’s Psychic Hotline is arrestingly smart, as well as being paced differently from anything else in comics. Rachel Ang’s Swimsuit is a precise study of communal spaces, blue lines and swoony interiority, while Bailey Sharp’s My Big Life is a masterpiece of compression with a hectic pace and a crisp voice. The qualities of Glom’s comics are both specific to their medium and determined to exceed it. The candy-coloured Riso inks are brilliant.

"Every one of these books from Glom Press is worth reading. It's clear that Pearson and Hawkins favor the kind of line that goes well with Risograph printing: some version of ratty, minimalist, expressive, or grotesque. The themes are personal and the commentary is pointed. These books are beautiful art objects as well as well-designed for reading. They have the look and feel of minicomics but with no set length; indeed, one of their goals as a publisher is to provide a bridge between classic zines and slicker graphic novels. Their celebration of their artists' idiosyncrasies and the way they make each book look its best are a testament to their belief in the work and the overall alt-comics scene in Australia."



by Mandy Ord

Sexy Female Murderesses

by Eloise Grills

Psychic Hotline

by Leonie Brialey

My Big Life

by Bailey Sharp

Mystical Boyscout #4

by Aaron Billings


by Rachel Ang
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