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The Party Within

Caroline Anderson

The Party Within is a reflective account of an explosive time in the mind of the author told through current day recollections, raw diary data from throughout the ages and guest perspectives from friends and family who witnessed The Party from the outside, with an emphasis on the crucial role art therapy and community care play in the mental and emotional wellbeing of the host.

“Caroline’s writing is the best kind, like joining a friend for a walk through their thoughts which always helps us to feel a little less lonely to recognize the thoughts of others as so close to those in our own mind.” 

Kevin Hooyman 

104 pages, Perfect Bound, 12.5cm x 17cm

3 colour risograph insides, 3 colour risograph cover

“How do you write the erotics of deliria, or the glimmering everything, or a game of pass the parcel that is actually consciousness itself? Somehow, Caroline Wylds knows (all?). The Party Within is a shimmering, radiant book to be treasured and admired. Read it!” 

Ellena Savage

Caroline Wylds is an artist and writer from Whanganui, Aotearoa, who lives in Melbourne and makes art as therapy. An avid fan of many, she loves to hype the work of others and help facilitate connections between different worlds.  


Instagram: @lips_phone  



Meng Tsung Lee / Lazywilly

“I wish life can be like online games sometimes, if only I can just log out at anytime.” “I don’t wanna be here, but there’s also nowhere to go.” 


“Will you come to my funeral or even cry if I die? Just kidding there’ll be no funeral, such a waste of money. And also don’t you dare ‘RIP’ me on your/my social media, it’s pointless and no one truly cares plus I won’t see anyway, lol.” “...........”


A few days of boring personal events includes tons of the years of awakening thoughts about being alive in a short story. Basically just some random notes to himself during pandemic/and his whole life, that either he’s too busy being horny and too lazy to talk about because he thinks no one would understand but truly means something to him. Or he’s just whining tbh.

52 pages, Perfect Bound, 12.5cm x 17cm

3 colour risgraph insides, 4 colour risograph cover

“Meng Tsung Lee is also known as Lazy Willy, but actually he is a very Hardworking Willy, and one of the most interesting, bold and surprising young comics artists working today. His creative practice is horny as hell, always lusting after new forms and ideas. He moves across countries like a murmuration of birds, literally leaving his mark everywhere he goes.” 


 Rachel Ang

“Meng Tsung Lee's work is intimately grotesque, deeply irreverent and painfully funny. It will make you cry, make you cum. His instagram might be Lazy Willy, but he is actually a very obsessively driven artist, evident in the elaborate detail and psychological weight of his immense output. He's one of my favourite artists.”  


Aaron Billings

Meng-Tsung, Lee - a.k.a. LAZYWILLY

Meng is a super duper independent Taiwanese PISCES mommy boy who moved from Taiwan and has been living/surviving in Naarm (Melbourne) since late 2014, worked as an illustrator/artist, at early 2018 got into tattooing, now working as a full-time tattoo artist, maybe part-time gamer and baby princess brat to his boyfriend. 


This is Meng’s first long-ish story based and proper publish book ever. He has self published a few zines before as ‘Awkward Handick’ (2014), ‘Life Pervert’ (2016), and several other small editions. His work were also in the ‘Suburban Review’ in 2016 and ‘Comic Sans’ in 2019. 


Now Meng just still struggling a lil bit but surviving in this simulation world just like everyone else. 

instagram: lazywilly

Kugel Western

Mira Schlosberg


A lonesome cowgirl tormented by cattle-stealing UFOs. A mysterious alien abductee dropped back to earth in the middle of the desert. A sizzling romance hotter than a red rock in the sun... Inspired by the history of Jewish cowboys and cattle ranchers, this sci-fi Western is sure to make you blush!

72 pages, Perfect Bound, 12.5cm x 17cm

2 colour risgraph insides, 3 colour risograph cover

"The lesbian imagination at full play; the burning bush lives again. Comics have always been a part of our subversive history and now we have one in that subversive language,Yiddish. Thank you for your reimaginings, Mira Schlosberg." 


Joan Nestle

“Kugel Western is a lavish feast for the eyes and soul. Filled with queer longing, desire and Jewish symbology, including Yiddish sound effects, it is a worthy and wily follow-up to Schlosberg’s Guidebook to Queer Jewish Spirituality. What surprised me most is not her ability to reinvent genres as she invokes them, which she does; or the sheer sexiness of the illustrations: they are obviously hot as hell. What I am most impressed by is the sensitivity and authenticity of this work. Schlosberg has produced a truly touching lesbian romance in a few swift, inky strokes. Her figures connect with one another, sprawling delicate and exuberant as the imagination which produced them, across Kugel Western’s gripping pages.” 

Eloise Grills 

Mira Schlosberg is a writer and comics artist obsessed with lesbianism, G-d, and nature. She is the author of Guidebook to Queer Jewish Spirituality (Glom Press, 2018) and has been published in Sinister Wisdom, Cosmonauts Avenue, Going Down Swinging, The Lifted Brow, and others.


Twitter: @miraschlosberg

IG: @homotaschen 




Ben Juers

Doorknocker is about a grassroots activist lost in the bush. Through a series of surreal encounters, her dedication is put to the test.

“Who doesn’t want to read an anti-fascist comic that is funny and deft and limber?! ‘Doorknocker’ is somehow both goofy and deeply serious, sometimes in the same panel. Ben has got a staunch, light touch.” 

Sam Wallman

72 pages, Perfect Bound, 12.5cm x 17cm

2 colour risgraph insides, 3 colour risograph cover

Ben Juers is a member of various collectives and co-ordinator of Glom Press. His work has been published in Kus!, the Lifted Brow and Sydney Review of Books.


Hericot Island

Merv Heers

“Hericot Island is the kind of comic book I love - it can be read from cover to cover or picked up and read in sections at a time. It is satisfying and thoroughly complex but with a calm simplicity that shows how much the artist enjoys their medium. Heers takes control of surreal illustrative beauty in this this new work and delivers a highly valuable addition to the ever growing force that is Australian comics.” 

-Michael Fikaris 

Hericot Island is the story of a scientist traveling to a remote island to conduct academic research and how the inhabitants of that island respond to her presence. Throughout her stay on the island the attitudes of the inhabitants start to affect her approach towards her work and eventually her rational, scientific view of the world as a whole.

58 pages, Perfect Bound, 12.5cm x 17cm

2 colour risograph insides, 2 colour risograph cover

Merv Heers is a comic book artist born in the City of Ipswich in Queensland (currently residing in Melbourne). Merv is best known as the creator of a zine series titled No Brains as well as the comic book character Tahira and the fictional metropolis of Onion City.


Don't Care if You're Shepherding a Ghost

Edie Bush

There’s sport, there’s a letter, there’s a pile of sentimental rocks. 


Someone wonders if it’s ok to work through feelings at the creek, and if you do, whether it’s better to put them in one place or spread them out a bit. 

Their friend will know.


They ask her, and she has a good answer. 

68 pages, Perfect Bound, 12.5cm x 17cm

1 colour risograph insides, 2 colour risograph cover

“This comic, like Edie herself, is easy to love. You'll want to spend time within these pages. This comic reminds us you don't have to look far from home to find the things you need to lead a good life, full of joy, enthusiasm, meaning and connection.” 

Penni Russon

“In Edie’s work feelings heave irregular breaths, come into contact, collide shoulders and pull away, sprint the length of the oval and take some time off field to recover. They allow for the possibility of fragmentation without abstraction, and space without emptiness. This is a comic that is simultaneously steady, ‘holding it’, and trembling with buzzing pixelation.” 

Abigail Fisher

Edie Bush is a small-time lesbian comics writer temporarily living as an uninvited and grateful guest on Wurundjeri Country. Before here, they grew up in both murrurundi and lismore nsw.

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